Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are things you might need to ask, see if any of the following help answer your questions.


Which age group am I in?

The cut off date for age groups is 1st September of that year, eg., if you are 9 on or before 1.9.14, you wil be in the 9-10 year olds.  If you are 9 after the 1.9.14, you are in the 7-8 year olds


What Grade will I be competing in?

If you have never done any sort of physie before, you will be a C Grader.  You get two years in C Grade before moving to B Grade


If you have done any sort of physie before but have never placed at Grand Finals, you will ​be a B Grader.


If you have done any sort of physie before and placed at Grand Finals in B Grade or above, you will automatically be put in A Grade.


If you have placed in any physical culture Grand Final or equivalent as a Senior, you will be assessed by Zone Management and placed in a Grade.


Is physie expensive?

 Compared to Dance and other sports children can do these days, Physie is very inexpensive.  You can be guaranteed that classes will always be on Tuesdays at the same time each week for between$ 5 & $8 depending on the age group.  In addition to a low weekly fee, you can now claim both the Creative Kids Voucher up to $100 and the Active Kids Voucher up to $100 saving you a maximum of $200 per year.  That's unbeatable value.


Do you need to be fit and flexible?

No, physie helps with fitnes and flexibility and continued practice and regular class attendance will be great for you

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