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Fees and Classes

Physical Culture gives a well rounded balance of low impact, high energy choreographed exercise routines performed to modern music and teaches coordination, rhythm, posture and self confidence.  Meet new friends and have lots of fun.  Ages 3 Years to Adults of all levels welcome.

Class Times and Fees

3-4 Years

5-5.20pm          $7 per week

5-8 Years

5.20-6pm          $8 per week

9-12 Years

6-6.30pm          $8 per week

13-17 Years

6.30-7.00pm     $8 per week

Seniors (17-18+)

7.00-8.00pm     $9 per week

Ladies (25+)

8.00-9.00pm     $9 per week

Registration & Insurance

3-4 Years

$60 per person

5's to Ladies

$8 per person

We do accept Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers which can save you up to $300 per eligible member.  You must provide eligible  vouchers to the club when you register.



Following this link to register

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More information

All classes are on a group basis with a minimum of 3 members per class.


We have numerous competitions throughout the year including both individual and team perfornances.  Extra classes will be held for those participating in a Team.


If you are lucky enough to make it through the Individual competition to the next level, you will get the opportunity to compete at the Zone Grand Finals in November.  This is where the best of the best battle it out for Champion status.


Our last competition of the year is held on the first weekend of November and is just for our club members.  It is a fun day to end the year.


We then have our break-up parties for the year.  One for the Junior half of the club and one for the Senior half of the club.  These events are enjoyed by all members each and every year.



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