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Celebrating 22 years in 2019

The Grove Physical Culture Club was first started in 1998 by Jenny Doughty.  I am still the Head Teacher at the club with 45 years of physie experience and 25 years with WZ Physical Culture in 2019.

In 2015 my daughter Caitlin started her teaching journey by helping out with the 3-4's and 5-8's.  Caitlin has now commenced her 15th year of Physie and has moved to the Seniors age group and loves it every week.

In 2018 Justine Beck came to join our teaching crew.  She brings with her a great wealth of knowledge, skill and experience and we thank her for sharing her talents with us all.  Justine will continue to co-teach the Teenagers and backing up with ladies when necessary.

Come and join our growing club. Have fun each week and be the best that you can be.

Yours in physie,

Jenny Doughty

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